Interview Skills Career Kit

It is often said that interviews are as much an opportunity for you to assess the company recruiting you as they are for the company to assess you. This career kit will teach you how to ace the various stages and forms of the interview process so you can land your dream job.

What's inside?

  1. What interviewers are looking for: Can, fit, want.
  2. Different types of interviews: Excel in phone screen, individual/panel, group, video, and case interviews.
  3. Research: What to know about the company before your interview, how to get that information, and what questions to ask during your interview. 
  4. Preparing for an interview: How to stay calm, what to wear, interview etiquette, what common questions to anticipate, and how to answer them.
  5. Follow-up: How to solidify a great first impression and supplement your interview.

Download your Interview Skills Career Kit

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