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According to research, 66% of job success is attributed to EQ and the potential to earn $29,000 more.  

The RocheMartin - Emotional Capital Report, is a personalized leadership development tool that provides you with a comprehensive interpretation of your leadership potential based on your emotional intelligence.

The assessment provides you with 19 pages of narrative descriptions of the leadership behaviours associated with each score; coaching strategies for developing greater emotional intelligence and leadership abilities, as well as an action plan to design a personal blueprint to building your emotional capital.

Using data from your assessment, you will learn how to develop the skills to:

  • Build Better Relationships
  • Manage Difficult Emotions
  • Increase Creativity & Innovation
  • Lead Others Effectively

Cost: $199

Interpretation of the RocheMartin - Emotional Capital Report must be delivered by a RocheMartin Professional that has completed training in the method.

As a UBC Sauder alumnus/alumna, you have exclusive access to a career coach who is certified by RocheMartin.  After you take the assessment, book your 1:1 coaching appointment for an interpretation of your assessment results and create an action plan that will help you further unlock your career potential. 

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