Networking & Informational Interviews Career Kit

Approximately 70% of jobs are secured through networking, which makes it the most effective way to find work. But networking can be a challenge - what’s “business casual” or “business formal”? What if you don’t know what to say at networking events? Read this toolkit and learn to put your best foot forward for building relationships and jumpstarting your career. 

What's inside?

  1. Finding the right people and place: A guide on where to network and how to leverage your existing network. 
  2. Networking etiquette: What to wear, how to approach people and what questions to ask.
  3. Cold-emailing: How to word and format an email request for an informational interview.
  4. Follow-up: How to further maintain and develop relationships after networking and informational interviews.

Download your Networking & Informational Interviews Career Kit

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