Mentor info

Mentor eligibility: The program is open to alumni from around the globe with 9+ years of work experience. Mentees will select mentors based on industry and years of experience. Once you accept the mentoring request, you will have the opportunity to advise alumni on career advice and personal development.

How to become a mentor:

Before signing up, please read the Sauder Square Registration Roadmap and Alumni Mentorship Program Handbook under Resources sidebar. 

Mentor commitment:

  • A minimum of 12 hours of time with your mentee from the start of the program 
  • Participate in our Virtual Networking Event in 2017 
  • Completion of interim and final program evaluations

AMP timeline:

  • January 9th - September 15th, 2017 - Mentorship Period
  • May 16th: Virtual Networking Event
  • Informal Mentorship: Ongoing


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