Birkman Self-Assessment

Understanding who you are, what you're good at and what you want out of your career is the first step in uncovering potential career paths or making a career change. Not only will this information help you identify opportunities best suited for you, it will also help you prepare effective cover letters and resumes and communicate your personal brand.

You can learn about yourself through a number of ways, from answering questions (like those listed in the ‘Resources’ section here) to completing formal psychometric assessments. Whichever path you choose, the more you know about yourself, the more likely you are to get the career you really want!

The Birkman Method Assesment for UBC Sauder Alumni

The Birkman Method - UBC Sauder

The Birkman Method is the only assessment that measures an individual’s underlying Needs, which, when fulfilled, provide the comfort and motivation for you to be productive and satisfied in your career and life by combining behavioural and occupational data into one assessement.  The Birkman Method is distinct because it taps into what an individual believes about “most people” around them, providing a unique glimpse into your perception of both yourself and others.  There are many factors that affect a person’s career performance and satisfaction. Just looking at motivations doesn’t give the full picture.

The Birkman Signature Suite

The Birkman Signature Suite is Birkman's most complete assessment. It delivers unparalleled insights and awareness into the people that drive the world around us, the businesses we run, and the organizations we join. The Birkman Signature Suite is the ultimate manual for understanding yourself and others, including the underlying traits that make up the unique value within each of us.

Using data from The Birkman Method questionnaire, you will be able to align your passions with career choices and job roles. 

Popular uses:

Reports included:

  • Areas of Interest Report
  • Career Management Report
  • Coaching Report
  • Interpersonal Needs Summary
  • Strengths and Needs Graph

Visit the Birkman Method and the Birkman Signature Suite for more information about the assessment. As a UBC Sauder alumnus/alumna, you can purchase the assessment at a significantly discounted rate.

Cost: $299

Interpretation of the Birkman Signature Suite must be delivered by a Birkman Certified Professional that has completed training in The Birkman Method. As a UBC Sauder alumnus/alumna, you have exclusive access to our Alumni Career Coaches who are certified by Birkman to consult you on the Birkman assessment results. After you take the assessment, book a 1-1 appointment with one of us to receive the full report, interpretation of your assessment results, as well as, an action plan that will help you further unlock your career potential. 


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