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2017 BIV Top 100 and Biggest Companies by Industry Lists

Business in Vancouver has released their 2017 Top 100 List and 2017 Biggest Companies by Industry List. Utilize these lists for your company research! Be proactive and approach employers that you're interested in even before seeing a job posting.

2017 Top 100 List 

Categories include:


3 steps to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile

The key to impressing viewers of your profile is to grab their attention with your engaging personal story. Follow these three steps to ensure that your profile reflects who you are and who you want to be.

 #1: Set the stage - Tell a concise but compelling story with your summary and job descriptions.

Your career journey reveals what you care about, stand for and value. Before sharing that with the world, consider the audience you want to reach, what you want them to learn or do, and how you want them to feel.


How to resign with class

Most people resign at some point, but did you know that how you quit your job can actually be a career booster? Conversely, clumsily handled resignations can be career limiters. Get 10 tips to smoothing the resignation process.

5 Tips for an attention-grabbing resume

Resumes still matter—here’s how to make yours stand out.


Ace your next interview by using InterviewStream to help you prepare. It allows you to practice and develop your skills in a no-pressure environment. InterviewStream guides you through an online mock interview process where you use a webcam to record yourself answering questions. You can rewatch your recordings to improve your body language, polish your responses, and get feedback. InterviewStream helps build your soft skills and confidence in interviewing.


Executive Recruitment Guide to Streamline Your Job Search

For our UBC Sauder alumni, we have partnered with Workmaze to bring you a high level list of head-hunters and executive recruitment companies in Canada, the USA, and South America. Workmaze is a career development and information company that focuses on helping students find the perfect career for them. Our executive recruitment guide is a great resource for those looking for executive-level positons in a new city or for those looking to make a career move.


Techfest Vancouver 2018

Techfest attracts up to 1,000 attendees, more than 300 career opportunities, and up to 15 hiring companies. Hiring company executives pitch a crowd of potential employees on why they’re the best employer in the room.

Sauder students and alumni get 50% off their ticket price. Click the Register link above to purchase tickets or use the promo code "sauder".

Job seeker ticket for those looking to break into the industry or make their next career move: $10 with discount code.


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