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2017 BIV Top 100 and Biggest Companies by Industry Lists

Business in Vancouver has released their 2017 Top 100 List and 2017 Biggest Companies by Industry List. Utilize these lists for your company research! Be proactive and approach employers that you're interested in even before seeing a job posting.

2017 Top 100 List 

Categories include:


Pitfalls in Negotiating Employment Contracts

Knowledge is power! Written employment agreements are primarily designed to limit the employer’s liability if it decides to end the relationship as well as minimize the impact of your departure on its business. This webinar is for anyone who is in an employment relationship or will be in the future. Understanding your rights in the workplace is not simply a good idea, it is essential. Even if you have already signed a contract, we will help you understand how you can negotiate a better one in the future (once you get that promotion or move on to the next employer).  


4 Better ways to organize your resume, depending on who you are and where you're going

The Muse
Author: Lily Zhang

You've quantified your bullet points, you've curated your skills section, and you've proofread it from top to bottom. There's actually one more step—and that's putting all the sections in the correct order. Like with everything job-search-related, this should be tailored to the position and your specific situation. To give you an idea of where to start, here are four great ways to organize your resume depending on where you are in your career.


5 Habits of a successful job search

Searching for a job can feel like a full-time job itself! Streamline your effort and maximize your results by adopting 5 key job search habits.


4 Reasons you're much more qualified for your dream job than you think you are

The Muse
Author: Ellen Fondiler

Whether you're a new graduate, you're switching fields, or you're reaching high for that next step up the ladder, it can be easy to think that you're less valuable, less worthy, or flat-out unqualified for the job you want. Sometimes, you might be right. But other times you're actually incorrect. Here are four reasons why you might be dead wrong about having have "nothing to offer" your dream company (or your dream client, dream mentor, dream anything, really). 


5 Things to Avoid on Your Resume Webinar

Recruiters scan resumes for an average of ten seconds before they put them in a "yes" or "no" pile. This webinar will explore five common blunders that can send your resume straight to the "no" pile and derail your job search. Join Nicolle Browne to learn how to increase your chances of getting an interview by fixing these mistakes and making your resume more impactful. 

Key Takeaways:


Techfest Vancouver 2018

Techfest attracts up to 1,000 attendees, more than 300 career opportunities, and up to 15 hiring companies. Hiring company executives pitch a crowd of potential employees on why they’re the best employer in the room.

Sauder students and alumni get 50% off their ticket price. Click the Register link above to purchase tickets or use the promo code "sauder".

Job seeker ticket for those looking to break into the industry or make their next career move: $10 with discount code.


Preparing for a Career Transition in Finance

For anyone who wants to break into the finance realm or move up in finance banking, capital markets, and corporate finance etc. Tim will walk you through the technical skills you need and where to learn them, as well as soft skills such as networking, attitude, and communications to have a smooth transition to a career in finance. 



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