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Introducing: the email template that'll get you a meeting with anyone you ask

Trying to reach someone you don't know through email is tough. And if he or she is busy, it can feel impossible. But Aja Frost has been creating and testing email templates to find out how to reach just about anyone. And she found a winner. You literally just have to fill in the blanks.

5 Things to avoid on your resume

Which blunders will send your resume straight into the 'no' pile? Hear about five common resume mistakes that could derail your job search. 


Changing your career direction

Do you want to make a career change, but are afraid to take the leap or unsure of where to start? Here are some strategies you can use to make the change.

How to establish job fit

Learn about some key tactics you can use to determine if a job (and company) is the right fit for you!

Search strategies

There is no one right way to look for a job, but we recommend using a variety of methods and focusing your efforts on those that get the best results. Experts agree that the most effective ways to land a job are through networking or approaching employers that you’re interested in directly with a tailored resume and cover letter.

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