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Executive Recruitment Guide to Streamline Your Job Search

For our UBC Sauder alumni, we have partnered with Workmaze to bring you a high level list of head-hunters and executive recruitment companies in Canada, the USA, and South America. Workmaze is a career development and information company that focuses on helping students find the perfect career for them. Our executive recruitment guide is a great resource for those looking for executive-level positons in a new city or for those looking to make a career move.


How a recruiter views your LinkedIn profile

Author: Donna Serdula
Published: May 29, 2015

I recently talked with a recruiter, my inside informant shall we say, to find out what recruiters look for on LinkedIn profiles and how they use LinkedIn to find potential job candidates.

My source uses LinkedIn on a daily basis. It’s an active part of reviewing candidates for positions and she says that a candidate’s profile is always open on the computer when an interview occurs.


10 Steps of the executive search process

BlueSteps.com The Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) adheres to a common outline for the executive search process. Job candidates should understand this process clearly as it will better position you as a partner to the search consultant throughout the hiring process (and help you reach the final stage – the executive job).

Working effectively with recruiters

Tips to help you make the most of your relationship with your recruiter.


Working with a recruiting agency or executive search firm can be a smart addition to your job search strategy.

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