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Career Happiness: Practical strategies to professional flourishing

This webinar will break through career happiness myths and share some practical (and fun) ways to discover what is central to professional flourishing.

Difficult Conversations Success

Hard conversations are easier to avoid than done. However, when we avoid conflict, issues don't get resolved, feelings are hurt, and important conversations are not had.

Toronto: Dine & Discover Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is key for career success. Join Kristine Thody, CPCC, PCC in this mini interactive workshop in Toronto to help you develop a better understanding of EQ and why it is important for careers.

Strengths, Values, Motivators Career Kit

The first step to developing a fulfilling career is understanding what you are interested in, what you care about, and what you are good at. These are the building blocks of creating a lifestyle and career that you enjoy.


SMART Goals Career Kit

Goals are an important aspect of both your personal and professional life. When designing your career, it can sometimes feel intimidating to figure out how to make your ideas your reality. But it doesn’t have to be!

This toolkit will give you strategies to tackle your big goals by breaking them down into small steps.


5 Ways to Boost Your Resilience at Work

In today's constantly connected, highly demanding work cultures, it's no surprise if work becomes the number one stressor in our lives. Read this article to learn to manage some of the factors that cause us to feel so overwhelmed and stressed at work, so that we can effectively navigate our worklife.


Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Join us for our first ever information/fire-side chat webinar with Paulina Cameron (BCom '10) and Natalie Farell (BCom '11), who are going to share their experiences as female entrepreneurs!

Stop trying to find 'meaningful' work (and create it instead)

How do you find meaningful work? Unfortnuately, it is not something you can take or easily pluck somewhere. Instead, meaningful work is yours to create. Here are some ways for you to do this.

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The Art of Questioning

The ability to overcome challenging situations in career or personal life starts with the ability to identify what the root of the issue is. Too often, we get caught in a whirlwind of doubt, second-guessing, panic or feeling stuck when we experience difficult situations. Being able to step back and gain perspective, while also challenging our own role, will allow for solutions to emerge and for change to happen at a personal level.



CareerLeader is a personalized business career self-assessment tool built on the premise that your interests, motivators and skills will drive your future career success and satisfaction.

The assessment provides you with an analysis of your interests, skills and motivators, and then matches you to specific career paths and cultures that are likely to be the best fit.

The Philosophy


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