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Part 2: The Future of Distributed Trust

Some believe that blockchain will be like the next internet, revolutionizing the way we run businesses, markets, governments, and manage data. Learn how blockchain disrupts in this Part II.

Part 1: What is Blockchain, and When is it Useful?

With all the buzz about cryptocurrencies, Dr. Rowell will dissect the basic features and capabilities of blockchain technologies. He will explain how it is currently being used to enhance established organizational processes and how your business may benefit.

Live Webinar: Personal Branding, Professional Success: Misconceptions, Myths and Three Tips for Leveling Up

Do you want to know how to create and leverage a strong personal brand to achieve more professional success? alumni UBC has invited alumna Katherine Lazaruk, BEd’95, one of Vancouver’s most sought-after professional presence experts, to offer you her top tips and tricks. In this informative and engaging Lunch n’ Learn webinar, we’ll talk about the science behind first impressions, and the things that might be holding you back from success.


Making It Work! Best Practices for Managing Maternity Leaves

Women make up approximately 50% of Canada’s labour force. Of the working women who do become mothers, 90% will take a maternity leave. However, 36% of new mothers feel that taking maternity leave negatively impacts their opportunity for promotions, career development and career progression.

This webinar is for anyone who employs, leads, manages, trains, coaches or otherwise supports mothers in the workplace, including adoptive, pregnant and parenting women.

Key Takeaways:


Pitfalls in Negotiating Employment Contracts

Knowledge is power! Written employment agreements are primarily designed to limit the employer’s liability if it decides to end the relationship as well as minimize the impact of your departure on its business. This webinar is for anyone who is in an employment relationship or will be in the future. Understanding your rights in the workplace is not simply a good idea, it is essential. Even if you have already signed a contract, we will help you understand how you can negotiate a better one in the future (once you get that promotion or move on to the next employer).  


10 Salary negotiation tips

Salary negotiation is tricky. Learn some tried-and-true tactics to help you get closer to the salary you want—without touching any employer sore spots.

Conversation starters for your next networking event

Starting up a conversation with people you don’t know can be intimidating, but with a little preparation...and some conversation starters in your back pocket...you can approach networking functions with confidence. 


Get what you want in business and life

Many people find themselves working too hard and making less money than they would like, getting passed over for promotion or working in a job they are bored with. Learn how you may be unconsciously doing things that slow your success and give your power away. Learn an effective approach to negotiating what you are worth.


Difficult Conversations Success

Hard conversations are easier to avoid than done. However, when we avoid conflict, issues don't get resolved, feelings are hurt, and important conversations are not had.

LinkedIn for Career Navigation: The Most Useful Business Skill

Having led education marketing at LinkedIn, Jeremy Schifeling and Omar Garriott have compiled the most advanced techniques to help you enhance your careers. From understanding how recruiters use the platform, to finding alumni referrals at just about any job in the world, get a crash course on LinkedIn's essential techniques.

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